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 Thank You for choosing our organization to pamper you.  In order to serve you better and make appointments earlier to manage we have transition onto paid online booking technology.  This is now our standard policy please create a profile, book an appointment to works to help you manage your time better, and pay for service via debit/credit card.  We work to make things better for you the consumer take the time to view our specials in additional to your bi weekly or monthly service with our organization.


LET'S GET STARTED................PAMPERING AWAITS YOU!                                                      


CND CERTIFIED SERVICES :                                 CND SHELLAC "The Power Polish" Our Extended Wear Manicures


The original CND® SHELLAC® brand 14+ day nail color holds six patents* and is designed to work together as a system for superior wear. Experience the superior CND® SHELLAC®service from base coat to top coat for superb color that lasts – yet removes in 8 minutes**. Stay true to the CND® SHELLAC® brand, keep clients coming back.

This service is implement as a 14-day manicure which with proper care will last without chipping.

 CND Shellac $50.00       (UV Curing)






The Brisa Lite Removable Gel System is the POWER PARTNER to the CND Shellac gel lacquer.


This product adds a thin, flexible layer of protection and smooth surface to natural nails. 

CND Shellac Service w/Smoothing Gel.                                                 $55.00

CND Removal w/Shellac/Brisa-lite Smoothing Gel & reapplication         $60.00



This product is the first removable sculpting gel for enhancing natural nails. It adds length and shape to any type of nails or tips. 

 CND Shellac Service w/Brisa-Lite Sculpting Gel                      $64.00



 Service with proper care and the use of CND SOLAR OIL DAILY can last up to 3 weeks! Purchase from us Solar Oil Retail $11.00



CND Vinylux is the 7-day polish that is a marriage between the 14-day CND Shellac gel lacquer power polish.

*****Vinylux (7-day polish). $48.00    Vinylux Removal. $12.00


OPIGelcolor  $50.00   LED Curing

* LED Curing cures most gels in 30 seconds VS. UV curing  (2-4 seconds)

Natural Enhancements


OPI AXXIUM GEL  Full Set                                                         $45.00

OPI AXXIUM GEL    Overlay (over natural nails)              $35.00

OPI AXXIUM GEL   Fills                                                               $33.00

OPI AXXIUM GEL  Fill/Balance                                                $38.00

OPI AXXIUM SOAK OFF GELS are the partner to the OPI AXXIUM GEL System which provide beautiful color to your gel enhancements 


Artificial Enhancements (Acrylic Nails)

Our Artificial Enhancements are all performed with a Non-MMA product for the safety of you our clients.

Full Set of Enhancements   $45.00 and up                    

(basic-standard length)

Pink & White Enhancements                                                   $50.00

Back/Front Fills   $38.00                                                                    

 Standard Fill Services      $25.00 and up varies according to length.Our organization fill-ins last up to 3 weeks with proper home care.

  • Custom Enhancements: Sculpture Nails                                                    $55.00

*Nail artistry implement with unlimited colors $15.00 and up     


Powdered Gel Services 

 Powdered Gel Services are gel services that appear to be applied like acrylic nails however, they are cured under a UV Lamp(36-42 Watts). They can be applied over natural nails, in conjunction with tips, or sculptured. Powdered gels are hard like acrylic nails but flex

Balancing Nail Service:Is offered to clients that nails are warped from wear and tear on there jobs/or haven't soak nails off do to time. This service helps to improve the look of your nails and even your enhancements out. (cost varies according condition of nails) Consult professional before adding to your nail service.


Powdered Gel Full Set          $45.00

Powdered Gel Fill Service with Sealer                                                          $30.00

Gel Sealer (only)                                              $8.00

Gel Overlays/Sculptured:                 

 (Powered gel over natural nails)                  $38.00

*longer nails the services for fills and full set can vary in price.



A Divaz Defined Look!

 Clients whom wear long enhancements fall under our "Defined Custom Nail Services bundled services." 

A Divaz Image: Long Acrylic Enhancements: $50.00

A Sassy Diva: Long Enhancements with Artistry: $55.00

What A Diva Wants, She Gets?

  • Define fill-in service for long enhancements with polish:   $ 38.00


                                                     Class Speaks Volume!                                                                                                             

  • Define fill-in service with artistry $40.00
  • Divaified Artistry Only!: $30.00 Artistry done for clients who  enhancements services are not done with this organization.
  • A Divaz Balance: Balancing of enhancements for worn and chipped nails.This process also includes sculpting techniques to restore nails like new. 

(Consult professional for assessment) $10-up

 Note: All artistry components of service are unlimited unless specified by certain promotions.   

CLIENT NOTE:     ***Packages under this menu are priced  in bundle to provide value services. Enhancement service included: gel sealer, polish/designs, or polish only! 

Fill-ins  are done once a month with our organization.

"WISHING ON A ROCK STAR" (Artistic Artificial Enhancements)

 A innovate way of wearing flawless nail artistry. "ROCK STAR NAILS" are simply a combination of several nail components used to create great art implement with gel or acrylic enhancements.  Our organization uses this concept in the following ways.

  • 1. "ROCK ON" : A rock star nail mixed with a array of colored sea shells, color glitter, and crystal clear acrylic. This concept can be implement capped over a set of tips or a set of sculpture nails.
  • 2. "NAIL ME A ROCK STAR" :  A rock star nail implement with the same artistry components however we use the powdered gel enhancement
  • 3. "YOU ROCK" : We provide you with your choice of "ROCK ON /NAIL ME   A ROCK STAR" impressions and we are "Nails as Jewels"/airbrush, and hand art  as a finisher

 Wishing On A "ROCK STAR"                                                        

  • $9.00 per nail
  • $10.00 rock star/glitter nail with bling
  • $15.00 rockout full bling nail
  • $65.00 per set
  • $38.00-$42.00 (with balance of rockstar nails that restore there brilliant look Fill-ins)  (RS)

Mokcha Creative Corner


This is a specialized corner where "Mokcha" focus is to create designer artistry using new nail technology and glam components to implement a full set of stylish enhancement or just to accent a not so plain set of enhancements. 


  •  Can I Be A Mokcha Glitter STAR!                                      prices varies                                                 
  • -10 different glitter mixture                                                 $55.00
  • Sparkle, Dazzle, Me GLAM! Mokcha U ROCK!              $30.00
Please consult with Nail Specialist Mokcha on further information Call today at  1.704.980.9759


Natural Nail Care

Hand Treatment                                   $12.00                                                    

Paraffin Treatment   




Soak Off (Sonic Soaking)        $20.00


This method of soaking removes Shellac, and all enhancements  within 10-30 minutes with no damage to your nails.


Nail Repairs                          $3.00 and up

 Polish Change & Fix Up! $13.00

Polish changed, nails shaped, buff, & re-polish


  • Wrap Services please inquire with nail professional prices varies


Tammy Taylor (Miracle Manicure) $30.00 includes a express spa manicure

This method of manicuring is implemented for natural nails which consist of cuticle care, miracle manicure base coat application, and color polish application.


Natural Express Pampering Services











Classic Manicure   $40.00   A spa soak, cuticles removed, nails shaped and professional polish


Escape, Relax, & Pamper Me                                                                             $48.00

A signature manicure includes the performance of a classic manicure which also includes a sugar scrub, Skin conditioning, cuticle treatments, warm towels, hand massage. This manicure is implement with Spa Ritual products to increase your level of pampering.


Spoil Me First, & Pamper Me Later                                                               $50.00

This manicure includes all of our manicures wrapped in one and to spoil you even more we’ve added a paraffin treatment to finish your service with great skin/nail conditioning.


  •  Polish Change                                                                                             $10.00 (hands)    $12.00 (feet)


  •  Just A French                   

           $10.00 (hands)    $10.00 (feet)

Pedicure Packages

          Classic Pedicure                     $45.00

  •  A spa soak, feet scrubbed lightly, cuticle removal, toe nails shaped and professional polish. Address basic needs of your feet.  This pedicure is for clients that take the time to get regular pedicure treatment or clients whom feet need a minimum amount of work.


Escape, Relax, & Pamper Me Pedicure                                                             $55.00

  • This service includes a spa soak, feet scrubbed, sugar scrub treatment applied, cuticle removal; toenails shaped, callous treatment, warm towels.  This pedicure is beginning to a level of pampering. It addresses some of your needs and soothes some of your concerns of your feet. This service is implemented with all natural spa products to increase your level of pampering. 



Express Spa Pedicures

Spa Pedicures will allow you to pamper your feet with an express service that can be combined with other services within this organization service menu.







Basic Express Pedicure with artistry                                   $48.00


Full Service Spa Pedicure  with artistry                               $55.00

Package: Diva Wears Cute Shoes 

  • Pedicure/Fill-in service                                                                                      
  •  Pedicure/Full Set                       
  •  Pedicure/Custom enhancements

My Toes Are Chipped Please Fix It!                                      $15-and up

This service is provided for clients that have numerous amount of breakage on there toe nails which need intense repair before a pedicure can be performed to ensure the beauty of there pedicure.  This service includes providing a natural solution to ensure that products used on your toes can grow out stronger and look good.  (Price varies)

  • Fiberglass wrap
  • Powered Gel: to enforce the filled in chip toe nail repair
  • Finishing: this process receives a gel glass coat.
  • Quick Fix Toe Repair         (per toenail)                                       $5.00                                                                     

Service is enforced with a repair powder no tips, shaped and buff better used as a temporary fix.

  • Tip Replacement    (per toe nail) known as toe tips                $8.00  
  • Toe Fill Service                      varies                                                              
  • ( Please consult with your nail professional)


"Simply Pink!"   Is How We Honor October Breast Cancer Awareness!

 Join Us In Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
Book An Appointment TODAY! or Call  980.585.8745.Our Organization If we can support any additional efforts.  
Our Cancer Awareness Support will be continue for 2016! 
Just Paint Me PINK!
  • Polish removed,Nails shaped/buffed, and pick your shade of PINK!

  • A Express Spa Manicure with your choice of pink nail polish and glam pink glitter

Back To Natural: I Fight In PINK!

  • Express Spa Manicure, with a buff to a shine, and natural polish application